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Two Component Dosing System

Accurate ratio assurance for superior finish quality

Patvin has for many years delivered both manual and automatic 2K painting systems to the surface treatment
industry. With intrinsically safe fluid panels, the systems easily integrates into hazardous areas, single or multi-color
and catalysts.
The systems deliver a superior finish quality with an accurate ratio assurance. Simple programming allows fast set up
and efficiency. Process control Advanced web interface provides consolidated system management and reporting.
The systems come with a potlife alarm and optional autoflush features, material consumption data & statistical
process data.
Our solutions include a wide Our solutions include a wide range of ProMix 2KS Proportioners and Promix PD2K Proportioners.

System Options

  • Flow Meters – Spur Gear, Helical Gear, Non-Intrusive Coriolis Meters.
  • Gun Flush Box – Automated Flushing for Manual Spray Guns.
  • Integrated Flow Control – Produces quick responses & superior process control.
  • Communication Gate Communication Gateway – Offers integration flexibility with multiple protocol capabilities on Auto & Manual Systems.

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