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Automatic Paint guns

Automatic paint guns represent a leap in technology that automates the paint process to improve efficiency and consistency. These guns are integrated with robotic arms or automated systems that control the spray pattern and movement.

Types of Automatic Spray Guns

  • Robotic Spray Guns: Attached to robotic arms, used in the automotive industry to ensure consistent quality.
  • Fixed spray systems: Fixed guns between brackets or transport systems, ideal for transport painting.
  • Rotary Sprayers: Use centrifugal force to achieve a uniform coating suitable for large applications.
  • Electrostatic Spray Guns: Use electrostatic charges to reduce overspray and waste, common in automotive and industrial environments.

Applications for automatic paint guns include automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, construction and consumer goods. These systems are critical in a fast-paced manufacturing environment where consistent quality is essential.

Advantages of automatic paint guns:

  • Efficiency: Fast operation increases productivity and reduces labor costs.
  • Consistency: Remove human error for a consistent ending.
  • Precision: Advanced controls reduce waste and ensure smooth operation.
  • Safety: Reduces worker exposure to hazardous materials and the environment.
  • Cost-effectiveness: long-term savings due to reduced labor, materials and waste.


Both manual and automatic paint guns are important in today’s painting landscape, each serving specific needs and applications. Manual paint guns offer control and precision and are ideal for detail work and smaller projects. In contrast, automatic paint guns offer efficiency and consistency, which is important in high volume and industrial applications. As technology progresses, the properties of paint guns continue to improve, which strengthens their role in various industries and ensures excellent painting results easily and efficiently. Whether for professional use or a DIY project, Paint Guns are essential tools that produce quality finishes.

Air Spray

Ease-of-use and flexibility make air spray a popular method. It provides the finest finish with the lowest transfer


Often used to apply protective coatings, airless directs fluid under high pressure through a controlled


Combining airless and air spray produces fine atomisation – perfect for wood furniture topcoats or fabricated metal parts.

Electrostatic Airspray

Electrostatically charged material is attracted to grounded parts, forming an even coating and high transfer

Electrostatic Air-Assisted

Available in 60 and 85 kV, its excellent pattern control eliminates defects for a fine finish. The 60 kV gun is the smallest and lightest air assist electrostatic gun on the market

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