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Lubrication Systems

Patvin has been designing and building modern lubrication equipment and systems that serve the in-plant manufacturing industry for decades. Our newest generation of automatic lubrication equipment is the result of years of collaboration with our customers and partners to engineer high quality, reliable systems that stand above the rest.


With automatic lubrication, systems provide the proper amount of lubrication on a more frequent basis. Plus, equipment is lubricated while moving, so productivity never wanes. Patvin Auto Lubrication solutions provide certainty for today’s modern equipment manufacturers, managers and operators seeking continuous uptime and optimal productivity from the machines they rely on daily.


Designed for virtually any type of mobile or industrial environment by our experienced group of engineers — Patvin auto-lubrication offers a significant upgrade to manual lubrication.


Our systems capture critical data that can be used to simplify other tasks for key decision-makers. As a result, our comprehensive automatic lubrication offering features market-leading innovation and reliability.

Automatic Grease & Oil Lubrication Pumps

Auto-Lubrication System

Auto Lube Accessories

Auto Lube Controllers

Automatic Grease & Oil Lubrication Pumps

Auto-Lubrication System

Flow Divider Valves

Grease & Oil Injectors

Fluid Handling

We design and manufacture a broad array of fluid handling components and products.

Cord Reels

Retractable Work Lights

Grease Dispense Meters & Valves

Oil & Grease Pumps and Packages

Oil Dispense Guns & Meters

Oil Evacuation Equipment

Hose Reels

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