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Sealant Application System

Patvin is your trusted partner for Advanced Sealant Application Systems in Automotive Manufacturing with more than three decades of expertise. Streamline your automobile assembly line with our top notch sealing solutions! We offer the best sealant and adhesive solutions specially designed for specific needs of the automotive industry.

Features of Our Car Sealant Supply System

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Our sealant dispensing robots ensure consistent and dependable application of sealants every single time. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Our automatic sealing solutions streamline your production manner to save you precious money and time. 
  • Superior Quality: We utilize superior technology to guarantee wonderful application and most useful outcome and improve the general first-rate of your vehicles. 
  • Reduced Waste: Our car sealant systems reduce sealant waste which makes them value-powerful and sustainable. 

What sets Patvin Engineering apart?

With over 30 years in the industry, we possess the understanding to handle even the maximum complicated automobile sealing applications. We use the most effective first-rate substances and components to make certain the durability and reliability of our sealant supply systems.

When it comes to gluing and sealing applications, our range is renowned across the global automotive industry. From precision metering equipment, to advanced robotics technologies and specialist solutions we have everything you need. 

Our pumping, metering and dispensing solutions incorporate state-of-the-art control for optimum precision. And, to ensure that the bead quality meets your specifications, we can also offer visual and laser quality control systems. Our dedicated team provides unmatched support throughout your journey, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance of your sealant and adhesive application systems. Get in touch with us today!

Sealant Application System Offered by Patvin


Our versatile allotting structures can deal with a huge range of automobile sealants, which include anaerobic adhesives, silicone sealants, and urethane sealants.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of customization alternatives to ensure our automatic sealing system flawlessly combines along with your current automobile meeting line.

We prioritize best control. Our superior visual and laser pleasant manage systems meticulously monitor bead length and application accuracy in real-time to ensure steady and wonderful outcomes.

We offer complete after-sales support to make sure your sealing solutions retain to operate at top overall performance. This includes installation, training your adhesive application structures, and maintenance service.

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