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Paint Application System

World class finishes with maximum paint savings

At Patvin, we leverage decades of technical prowess and a rich array of experiences to provide comprehensive solutions for paint handling and application across diverse industries, with a primary focus on automotive applications. Our turnkey paint finishing systems are meticulously designed to guarantee optimal production efficiency, operational flexibility, and superior performance. Patvin takes pride in offering our clients an extensive spectrum of coating options, ensuring they have limitless choices to meet their specific needs.

Our cutting-edge application systems are equipped with an Smart Control System tailored for high-volume paint production lines. This technological advancement not only ensures precision in paint application but also contributes significantly to a remarkable increase in efficiency within the paint shop. Patvin stands as a trusted partner for industries seeking top-tier solutions in paint handling and application, especially within the automotive sector.


Through paint line automation, you can achieve the below:

  • Lower operating costs by reducing material waste
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Protect employees from repetitive tasks
  • Achieve high transfer efficiency and waste disposal

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