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Health & Safety

Our values form the roots of our company culture. They guide the way we treat our business partners, our communities and each other.

Our values place our customers at the heart of everything we do. They drive our commitment to constant improvement and innovation, efficiency, passion to deliver the best and be a reliable partner to our clients.

Patvin Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Policy

It is the philosophy of Patvin that accidents/injuries are preventable and unacceptable. Patvin Engineering Private Limited has therefore integrated safety into its business and is vigorously pursuing all accident prevention programs through it’s well-structured and effective HSE Systems.

Patvin activities have therefore been organized, planned and executed in such a manner as to:

Protect and promote the health of its work force as well as the conduct of its activities in such a manner not to adversely affect any third party (host Community inclusive).

Avoid injury to any workers, sub-contractors, and third parties who are involved in Patvin activities.

Ensure the personal security of the work force and third parties and the security of property.

Minimize the impact on the environment in which Patvin operates.

Every employee of Patvin is performing his/her work in accordance with this policy and work must be suspended when it is believed that essential safety systems are not in place. Management and Supervisors are accountable for the safety of the employees working under their supervision, and are expected to organize and conduct operations in a safe manner at all times.

Employees are reminded that they have a duty underlay to take reasonable care for their own safety and safety of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions and also to co-operate with statutory safety obligations which include adherence to company HSE Policy, rules and regulations. The implementation, of this policy is the responsibility of supervisors under delegated control and co-ordination of HSES Manager.

HSE Strategic Plan And Objective

Our goal is simple – to achieve HSE excellence by providing safe workplaces supported by a culture which ensures that the safety of people and protection of the environment is an absolute priority. We hold the principle that the best solution for the management of Health Safety Environment is also the best business solution for all stakeholders across Patvin Engineering Private Limited. We remain committed to measuring and constantly improving in our Health Safety Environment performance through the implementation of the Patvin’s Health Safety Environment Strategic Plan.

The core objectives of Patvin’s HSE Strategic Plan include:

PRIORITY AREA 1 : Systems and Processes

Strategic Objective: Consolidation of systems and processes to drive operational excellence in the management of health and safety risks or environmental impacts.

Key Actions:
PRIORITY AREA 2 : Train, Support and Motivate

Strategic Objective: Train, support and motivate people to identify and manage workplace safety, risks or environmental impacts.

Key Actions:
  1. HSE induction for all new staff on Day 1.
  2. Implement due diligence training in the HSE MS for directors and officers.
PRIORITY AREA 3 : Performance Data & Analysis

Strategic Objective: Monitor the effectiveness of control strategies and the accuracy of HSE data to respond to significant incidents, detect recurring trends and learn from experience.

Key Actions:

Environmental Protection Policy

All operations of Patvin Engineering Private Limited are planned and executed in such a way as to minimize any adverse effects or impact on the environment in which we work. Patvin Engineering Private Limited is promoting and encouraging plans, activities, and programes aimed at environmental preservation and protection. Staffs are encouraged to pay appropriate regard to the environment by protecting it from adverse effects. We are collecting and disposing all wastes generated in the course of our operations in an environmentally sound manner. Discharge of pollutants into the air, or in water bodies is strictly prohibited. All such disregard to environmental laws has been reported immediately. “The Environment is our common home, we must protect it”.

Safety Compliance/ Implementation

The foremost interest of Patvin Engineering Private Limited in all projects is Safety and Environmental protection; and we are demonstrating Safety in all our operations. We are already conversant with Client safety policy and standards, which has been adhered to in conjunction with our own safety policy in the execution of our contract services.

We have familiarized ourselves with the requirements for standards applicable to our Project Management and incorporating all standards into our operations. Patvin provides all necessary safety clothing and equipment for all personnel. We ensure that persons engaged in work and services in all contracts are medically fit throughout the duration of the contracts. We are prepared to present certificates of medical fitness on all personnel and ensure that all personnel are Client certified swimmers.

Patvin Engineering Privated Limited engages the services of a safety manager and a project manager who are ultimately responsible for safety in our operations. We have experienced safety officers who are well acquainted with Client’s safety regulations and ensure that all proper work permits and complementary certificates are obtained prior to commencement of work and keeping them up to date daily and ensure that all safe working practices  are observed during the execution of all contracts.

We strictly enforce the permit to work system before commencement of any work. Only Client’s authorizations can action any night movement. Patvin Engineering Private Limited has a Workmen’s compensation insurance policy for their workers against any occupational disease or any other impairment to health or injury by accident.

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