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Turnkey Projects

Patvin offers Turnkey solutions for fluid handling systems, primarily, Paint Circulation, High viscosity Sealant systems, Robotic paint/ Sealant application, Lubrication systems etc. Our services extend across the entire gamut including project management, design and engineering, system integration and installation.

Patvin utilizes an integrated product development process operating on the philosophy – Understand, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. We execute projects within a structured methodology of detailed procedures and guidelines. Our focus is to deliver innovative design with frugal engineering and lean manufacturing solutions. Our strict quality control process, under the guidelines of ISO 9001, ensures that all key requirements on new or existing products are fulfilled at every stage of development.

With the advantages available from Patvin, let us support you in integrating your whole project – from art to part!

Patvin service and AMC

System Refurbishment

If your existing system no longer meets your application requirements, you might probably be looking out for a refurbishment. Or whether it is to automate manual operations, or a process optimization, Patvin can help you refurbish your existing system to suit your precise need. Refurbishing complex systems, needs an experienced team with a proven track record. Our expert technicians have successfully serviced hundreds of fluid handling systems over the years, making us an expert in the field. Let us know your requirement and we will find the right solution!

Patvin service and AMC

Service & AMC

We have an extensive and trained service network throughout the country with staff positioned strategically near customers to offer timely assistance. Our service engineers and technicians are trained by our principals, to offer efficient service support and training to our clients.

Patvin’s support infrastructure for spares and repairs further provides our customers with timely and effective on-site preventive maintenance and repair service. A detailed study is undertaken based on the customer’s production pattern to identify the critical spares, expected life cycle of wear & tear parts and spares consumption. An attempt is made to gather this data and stock the most critical spares for all the customers.

Your benefit – Effective and timely warranty and repair support in India with out the need for carrying a fixed overhead for the service team.


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Spare Parts

To optimize equipment performance and achieve maximum service life, you need spare parts that match the quality of the machine. Our spare parts are manufactured with the same attention to quality as our machines. Extend the life of your equipment with our timely service and original parts. We hold an impressive inventory of spares to offer efficient after sales services to our customers, minimizing stoppages & reducing your downtime. With our extensive catalogue of spares, you can be rest assured that you will receive the right spares when you need them. We like the personal touch – so if you need spare parts, give us a call or email us. We’ll be happy to help, with the quick, personal service you’ve come to expect from Patvin.

Customer Experience Centre

Our state-of-art laboratory ensures that system requirements and customer demands are met effectively. The lab also allows the design & engineering team to conceptualize innovative solutions for our customers. Patvin has realized several Innovations in fluid handling, many of which are in successful operation with our customers. We can validate and optimize your processes, testing your product preferences for the target application. Consult our technical team for an expert solution to your need.



✔Innovative trials for new product development
✔Paint Circulation System Demonstration
✔Robot Paint Application
✔Robotics & Sealant Application
✔Cycle Time Study
✔Material Validation
✔Proof of Concept
✔Application Simulation
✔Research & Development


We understand that in most cases, the delivery of a machine is just the beginning of an integration process. Our team can enable smooth integration of our systems into your processes by providing prompt onsite assistance during these early stages.

After sales training is an integral part of the Patvin sales strategy. Patvin trains customers by offering a team to run the production activities of the system during the Plant start up phase. We strive hard to maintain zero downtime at the customers end and have periodical checks and audits of the system as part of this effort. Our commitment towards this has resulted in repeated orders from various leading automotive companies in India.

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