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Dosing Systems – Dosing for all requirements

Dosing systems meet all requirements for the optimum dosing of highly viscous materials. Standardized systems are used in the 1K and 2K sectors.


M2K entry level mechanical plural component mixing system increases mix material accuracy and reduces material waste, compared to hand mixing.


Graco’s ProMix 2KE Plural Component Mixing Systems offer a compact, entry level proportioner that is available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies.


  • Designed for single colour, two component, in-booth applications
  • Predefined tolerance limits help to to stay on ratio within 2%
  • Less maintenance time with easy access to components
  • Intuitive, icon-driven LCD display


ProMix 2KS plural component mixing system offers precise and reliable electronic proportioning from entry level to upgraded applications. Compatible with solventborne, waterborne and acid catalyzed materials, the two-component proportioner provides the flexibility and efficiency you need on your production line.
ProMix 2KS electronic paint mixing systems feature:

  • Manual and automatic configurations
  • Accurate ratio assurance for superior finish quality
  • Ability to use up to 30 colors and 4 catalysts
  • Simple programming for fast set up and efficient process control
  • Advanced web interface that consolidates system management and reporting

ProMix 3KS features:

  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Up to 25 colors, 4 catalysts, and 4 reducers in modular color change system
  • Intrinsically safe fluid panel for operation in hazardous areas
  • Optimized flushing sequences including third flush option

PROMIX PD (Postive Displacement)

The ProMix Positive Displacement (PD) Proportioner Platform is redefining fluid control, plural component mixing and manufacturing processes. Stay on ratio within 1 percent mixing accuracy. Stay on budget with less rework and simple maintenance.


Take advantage of the benefits of plural component material with our unique positive displacement pump system.

  • True volumetric control: The electronic fluid control system can operate in both flow and pressure mode, with high and low pressure options.
  • Versatility and flexibility: Operate up to four pumps, dispense different chemistries, and track pot life for up to three spray guns – all on one system. You also can manage up to 30 colours, four catalysts, and typically separated materials (e.g. epoxy/urethane, metallic/non-metallic, water-borne/solvent borne).
  • Low flush technology: Moving the mixing point closer to the gun decreases the flush zone and increases efficiency. It also reduces solvent use and material waste by up to 80 per cent.
  • Air/solvent chop: Patented features allow you to pre-set flushing routines for different materials.
  • Intuitive controls and display: Easy-to-navigate screens guide you through operation, setup, and troubleshooting. See real-time data on system parameters.
  • Automatic and manual configurations: The ability to upgrade parts in the field at any time allows you to start with a manual single pump system and then move to a multiple pump automatic system.


2K and 3K units are electronic dosing systems suitable for high and low pressure applications.

They can be used in manual and automatic processes. Optimized for quick color changes and easy flushing, they enhance resource utilization and contribute to higher efficiency. Fluids are measured consistently and precisely, even media with different viscosities. Typical fluids handled are 1, 2 or 3K materials, water and solvent based paints, clear coats, top coats and monolayer paints.


  • Precision Mixing of Three-Component Materials
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Up to 25 colors, 4 catalysts, and 4 reducers in modular color change system
  • Intrinsically safe fluid panel for operation in hazardous areas*
  • Optimized flushing sequences including third flush option
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ProMix™ 2KE

An easy-to-use mixing and dosing unit for up
to 3 colours and 1 catalyst.

  • Easy-to-use, compact entry-level
  • Meter and pump version
  • USB reporting

ProMix™ 2KS/3KS

The 2KS/3KS can handle up to 30 colours,
4 catalysts and provides advanced reporting

  • Sequential and dynamic dosing
  • Upgradable to 3K
  • Modular design
  • Flow control

ProMix™ PD2K

When frequent daily colour changes occur or
when working with short pot life materials.

  • Mix close to the gun – reduces solvent
    usage up to 80%
  • Instant colour change
  • Up to 30 colours and 4 catalysts
    with 2 or 4 dosing pumps
  • Modular design
  • Pressure or Flow control

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