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Paint Shop

For over 30 years, we have helped tens of millions of customers with their auto painting. We’re your auto body paint shop whether you need a paint job for a car, truck, or other auto vehicle. We are committed to making the experience easy with affordable prices while providing reliable services backed by our nationwide warranty. Come in today and let one of our expertly trained technicians provide you a free tour to our customer experience centre.

Automotive Paint Shop

The automotive industry requires high quality, reliable products & solutions. It also demands constant process improvements.

Trending today is an ever-increasing personalization of the vehicles, which is accomplished by paying more attention to details both inside & outside the car bodies.

Robotic applications deliver a quality finish and allow flexibility in applying primers, base & clear coatings.

Why you should choose Patvin

  • Long-term and global experience in automotive paint shops
  • Knowledge and comprehensive process expertise
  • Innovative technologies targeting quality, performance, and savings
  • Ultimate field service and worldwide proximity support

Paint Shop:

  • Underbody Sealer system
  • PVC underbody system
  • Rocker panel application system
  • Roof ditch sealer application system
  • Liquid applied sound deadener
  • Seam Sealer Application
    The procedure of adding PVC sealants to the car body joints is known as seam sealing. This coating protects the exterior from damage and corrosion while keeping dirt, dust, and water off the upper body, interior, and exterior of the vehicle.
  • Cosmetic Sealer Application
    Cosmetic sealing is mostly concentrated on the edges of doors and trunks, whose role is to protect against vibration and corrosion.

Electric bulk sealer supply system

  • UBS / UBC Sealer Application
    Under Body Sealing or Coating (UBS or UBC) is a procedure that protects the under chassis and underbody substrates from environmental damage and road wear for a long time.
  • Anti-chip / Rocker panel application
    Anti-chip coatings are coatings intended to reduce chip damage. Anti-chip coatings are applied to large areas of the vehicle or to selected vehicle surfaces that are most susceptible to impact from rocks and other road debris, such as rocker panels, the bottom edges of doors and fenders, and the front edge of the vehicle.
  • Roof ditch sealer application
    Roof ditch sections with robotic or manual sealant application are examples of exterior paintable sealing application areas where paint is applied directly.
  • Liquid applied sound deadener
    Liquid-based sound deadening (LASD) solutions are an excellent way to control structural noise and improve vehicle comfort. By applying LASD to metal surfaces, the vibrational energy in the system is significantly reduced.

Seam sealer

Liquid applied sound deadener

Rocker panel application

Roof ditch sealer application

Underbody coating

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