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If the material is not properly mixed, it will never reach optimal performance conditions despite the highest quality pumping, proportioning, and spray guns. This Graco Agitator Speed Controller ensures that your mixing process can be controlled to eliminate paint shear, foaming, and unnecessary compressed air consumption. 

There are various types of agitators we offer such as drum and mix, clamp mounted, expanding blade, and twis work agitator. Let’s look into their specifications: 

Drum and Mix Tank

  • Agitators mount directly to mix tank or drum covers
  • Dual propeller ensures efficient and thorough mixing
  • Easy adjustment knob for fine tuning agitator speed to ideal mixing parameters

Clamp Mounted Agitators

  • Clamp mounts agitator directly to drum
  • Adjustable shaft angle to reduce mixing vortex and air entrapment
  • Dual propeller ensures efficient and thorough mixing
  • Easy adjustment knob for fine tuning agitator speed to ideal mixing parameters

Expanding Blade Agitators

  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Threads into 1.5” or 2” drum bung
  • Includes angled adapter reduces vortexing and allows for off center mounting
  • Customize configuration by adjusting blade height or by adding additional blade assemblies
  • Collapsible blades fit through drum bung and expand when spinning for efficient mixing

Twistork® Agitators

  • Helix blade effectively mixes higher viscosity materials
  • Mounts directly to 2 inch drum bung
  • Stainless and carbon steel material options
  • Siphon model allows material transfer though agitator shaft
  • Sealed agitator drive prevents material contamination and evaporation
  • ATEX approval for hazardous locations

Heavy Duty In-Drum Back-Geared Agitator

  • Corrosion resistant materials for high quality and long life
  • Leak-free gearbox eliminates material contamination common with oil filled units
  • Installs easily onto in-drum agitators
  • Mounts directly to drum bung, choose 1.5 in or 2 in
  • Includes 3/8 in, 7/16 in, ½ in, 5/8 in shaft adapters, compatible with several styles
  • ATEX approval for hazardous locations

Heavy Duty Drum Agitator

  • Heavy duty gearbox mixes high viscosity materials
  • Leak-free and oil-less gearbox prevents material contamination
  • Stainless steel agitator and cover for corrosion resistance and waterborne compatibility
  • Twin paddles thoroughly mix finishing materials
  • Siphon option allows material transfer through agitator shaft
  • Access port for easy sampling and inspection of material during operation

Agitator Speed Controller

  • Provides closed-loop speed control for agitators
  • Maintains constant set speed even as viscosity or drum levels change
  • Installs within minutes
  • Prevents over-agitation of shear sensitive materials and foaming of waterborne materials
  • Extends agitator lifetime by eliminating agitator over speeding
  • Lowers energy costs by reducing air consumption

Replacement Air Motors

  • Replacement air motors will give new life your existing agitators
  • Use the chart below to determine compatibility
  • Easy to select and install

Pail Cover Agitator

  • Lift handles for easy moving and color changes
  • Locking bolts to secure cover and reduce spills
  • Ideal for wall mount pumps or spray packages

Heavy Duty Pressure Tank Agitators

  • 20:1 gear reduction to mix high viscosity materials, even at low speeds
  • Sealed agitator shaft to prevent air leakage and contamination
  • Built-in baffle and support for efficient mixing
  • Compatible with Graco pressure tanks

Electric Agitators

  • Low shear mixing ensures uniform particle dispersion without material degradation
  • Compatible with waterborne and solventborne materials
  • Sealed gearbox eliminates maintenance
  • Lubrication-free shaft seal prevents solvent attack of agitator bearings and gearbox
  • Efficient motor provides superior mixing performance with less energy consumption
  • Designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the industrial finishing market
  • Inverted duty motor for variable speed adjustment via variable frequency drive (VFD)

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