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Gear metering Pump

Metering Pumps for Sealants & Adhesives

Our Gear Metering System is equipped with a PLC and Servo drive, ensuring a continuous flow of sealant without any interruptions. This system provides accurate metering and complete control, producing a smooth and consistent bead every time. Additionally, the pressure sensors installed at the inlet and outlet monitor pressure levels closely while being interlocked to prevent any dry running of the pump.

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Follower Plate Vacuuming process

Before Improvement :

Average material waste during drum change more than 8 kg

After Improvement :

Trapped air removed by vacuuming reducing material  wastage up to 50%

Improvement point-2

  • Non-stick coating on follower plate

Non-stick coating on follower plate


  • No material adhesion to follower plate
  • No material wastage
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Avoids material lumps inside system

Improvement point-3

  • Addition of pump stroke sensor

Pump Stroke Sensor


  • Monitors healthy running of Pump
  • Senses dry run
  • Avoids air entrapment
  • Avoids material drying & clogging inside the system
  • Avoids bead inconsistency and breakage

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