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In a high pressure world of manufacturing, precision is everything.

Nobody wants a slow, messy, and inconsistent system. A single mistake can mean the difference between a flawless product and a costly rework or rejection.

Our client, a leading automotive manufacturer, was struggling with their windshield bonding process since the Truck Cabin glass was big and heavy.

Their old process, using a single component sealant, was time-consuming and offered limited strength as well and longer time was required for the sealant material to cure and gain full adherence strength.

They knew they needed a change, so they opted for a Fast curing robust two-component material. However this new solution came with a challenge: it was higher viscosity and much more complex than the previous sealant due to the addition of a booster material which would help faster curing and better adhesion strength.

That’s when we introduced them to our first-of-a-kind robotic application system designed specifically for their needs by Patvin Engineering Private Limited. It included :

A KUKA Robot: Our tireless worker, programmed for precise application, ensuring consistent and reliable windshield bonding.

Advanced Material Handling: A temperature conditioning system and specialized pumping system which ensured that the new, higher viscosity sealant flowed smoothly.

Custom Dosing System: The two separate dosing units, one for the Component A and another for Component B ( booster ) controlled with pinpoint accuracy, and delivered the perfect amount to maintain the mix ratio with high accuracy and repeatability.

High Precision Dispense valve with Rotation – A very precise dispensing valve which can dispense and change flow rate on the fly with reference to the robot tip speed and a Teflon nozzle designed to provide the right size of the glue bead.

The results?
It was a game-changer for our client!
Apart from being a more sustainable operation because of the use of entirely new materials and solutions, it also led to:

Faster Production
Reduced Material Wastage
Improved Quality and
Lower Production Cost

For them, it was a win-win situation.

This is just one example of how Patvin’s innovative robotic solutions transformed the manufacturing processes. We can tailor a system for your specific needs as well, whether you’re in automotive, aerospace, or anything in between!

Ready to say goodbye to your manufacturing stress and hello to a more efficient, high quality production line? Get in touch with us today to know more.

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