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General Assembly

Perfecting the final touch

Patvin has a long track record for reliable, high-performance equipment that handles low to high viscosity materials. Whether it concerns applying windshield urethanes or filling up fluids under the hood, we have a full line of innovative dispense solutions.

Glass bonding, sealing & glazing

In automotive assembly, precise application of sealants and adhesives in window glazing applications is critical to deliver superior adhesion, durability and leak-free performance. Patvin offers superior bead accuracy and consistency, from manual to automated dispensing processes.

1k Ultra-Lite – Precision Dispense Valve

Endure – Automatic Dispense Valves

E-Flo SP Electric Pumps and Supply Systems

Paint sprayers prove essential to the colour match and consistent quality needed to refinish defects so that vehicle buyers notice only a smooth, seamless finish.

AirPro Auto

AirPro EFX




iQ Dispense Valves deliver long lasting and dependable performance for single component sealant and adhesive dispensing applications.


  • Choose from a line up of Tip Seal, Snuff-Back, or Ball-Seat models
  • Variety of options available make it easy to customise to your application
  • Compact and lightweight body for high production applications
  • Durable design and components improve life cycles and minimise maintenance costs


Metering systems fill gearboxes, motors, coolant systems, and more with precise amounts of oil, grease, coolant, water and other automotive fluids.

ProDispense System


Extremely accurate dispensing solutions help customers to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by improving quality and reducing downtime while lowering installation and maintenance costs.

Innovative products provide superior dispense accuracy — providing process reliability, repeatability and better control of the dispense processes.

Individual components and turnkey systems are available for a wide range of dispensing applications. These systems can be easily integrated into most manufacturing protocols for cooperation with robots and other process controls.


Supply pumps, controls and applicators can be easily integrated into systems to increase performance, reliability and efficiency.


Systems and support for a wide variety of sealant and adhesive dispensing industries.


In two-component dispensing applications that require dynamic mixing, making a precision chemical reaction with the correct amount of energy to create uniform density foam is challenging enough. To do it at the scale of industrial manufacturing brings the challenge to an even higher level. There are many variables to evaluate to find the harmonious balance between dispensing parameters, such as flow rate, ratio, RPMs, and the static mixer. 


Flow rate influences achieving the proper mix and often dictates other dispensing parameter decisions. If the flow rate is higher than what the mixer can blend, the material chemistry might not react appropriately, whereas too low can lead to material curing prematurely within the mixer, causing clogging or poor curing. Such factors can lead to costly equipment downtime and maintenance.

Application type is another consideration for determining the suitable flow rate. In potting applications, an excessive flow rate may cause the material to trap air as it flows into the part; too low could cause premature curing before the assembly part is completely full. For gasketting, too high could exceed a realistic robot speed; too low could cause wasting valuable production time.


Having the proper ratio ensures consistent cell structure of the foam and meeting your expectations for performance. Because the A component and B component are commonly different viscosities, it is crucial to balance your A and B pressure to maintain ratio. Off ratio dispense can cause striations in the material or voids/bubbles in the cell structure, ultimately impacting performance and application reliability. For chemically blown-foam, this is even more important since the chemical reaction creates the foam structure.


When using a dynamic mix valve for foam gasketting and foam encapsulation, it is essential to test and evaluate the rotary element’s RPMs to achieve a uniform blend. Depending on the material chemistry, over-rotating or agitating the mix can create excess friction or heat, causing the material to cure quickly and not allowing enough time to work the material onto the substrate. Too low will not put enough blending energy into the foam to achieve a homogeneous mix and initiate the desired chemical reaction.


A static mixer can influence material consistency and uniformity and there are variables to consider in the selection process, including length, elements, diameter and orifice. Difficult to mix foams often require longer static mixers or increasing the number of elements to ensure a thorough blend. Materials with a shorter gel time should use a shorter mixer to avoid premature hardening.


Dynamically mixed chemistries can be challenging to dispense. It takes the proper pre-production testing and validation in order to determine the most optimal process window for your application. With extensive experience dispensing foams, a library of validated materials, and dispensing machines that simplify these challenges by controlling  ratio, flow rate and mixer RPM, Graco can assist in perfecting your production process. Contact our experts to learn more about our equipment and process parameters configured for your specific application.

General Assembly:
  • Glass gluing system
  • Sunroof
  • Trim parts
  • Lighting
  • Glazing
  • Glass gluing system
    Glass bonding is another important adhesive application in the automotive industry. Polyurethane is commonly called urethane. This is an adhesive specially developed for the sealing and bonding of windshields, side windows, quarter windows and rear windows in the automotive industry.

Urethane supply system

Glass Gluing

Robotic Glass gluing systems 

Triangular bead profile

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